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Our expertise

The strenght of experience

Spontex Professionnel expertise covers not only the manufacture of cellulosic products but also of wiping, non-woven abrasives and textiles. In order to meet the needs of professionals, Spontex Professionnel has developed a range of products including a wide variety of specifications (product time and space savings, ergonomic...).

The cellulosic sponges

Industrial capabilities of cellulosic products manufacture can be compared to the plants of paper or metal. Faced to growing health constraints and the development of bleach and detergents, Spontex Professionnel meets the expectations of cleaning professionals with developing a range of sponges - Azella - 3 times more resistant than bleach, 100% vegetable origin and 100% biodegradable.

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The wiping non-woven

The non-woven Spontex products emerged in the factories that are located in United Kingdom and Spain where we implemented several specific types of process. 

The thermal bonded are a fabric of a premix of fibers, a carding and a layering of fibers to obtain a unique sheet, then a needling and the final step of melting of the textile fibers (thermal bonding) to make them stick together.

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The abrasive products

Made in Spain, the Spontex Professionnel non-woven abrasives provide to users all the necessary criteria of performance and durability.

From the selection of fibers and abrasive fillers to the constitution of tablecloth, all manufacturing steps are carefully controlled by the automated production.

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The steel strands

Argentina is the place where was born the Spontex spiral of stainless steel strands, renown as "Superinox". The quality of the steel and the rolling, as well as the accuracy and the maintenance of spot welds are key factors for the sustainability and the effectiveness of the finished product. 

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The textiles

At the heart of a region historically linked to the textile manufacturing is extended the French cleaning textile factory of Spontex Professionnel. The automation and the productivity increases allow the site to match the user's requirements.

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