Spontex Professionnel

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The group

Sustainable Development

The Company Spontex Professionnel duty to enroll in a sustainable development process. Concerned about the impact on resources depletion and global warming, questioning the production process allows the company to achieve real environmental progress.

About the production

  • ISO 14001 certification of our main plants
  • Energy consumption: creation of a map regarding the consumption of plants

Results in 6 years

  • 23% reduction for water consumption
  • Average reduction of 18% for gas consumption
  • Average reduction of 12% for the electricity consumption
  • Average reduction of 30% for the liquid waste
  • Reduction of VOC *: modification of processes to replace solvents with aqueous solutions.

* Volatile Organic Compounds

About the packaging

  • Use of recycled paper in paper and cardboard packaging
  • Removal of non-recyclable packaging
  • Continuous optimization of packaging to be in line with the European Directive

About our products

  • Waste fibers used as raw material in our sponges
  • Pulp certified or pending certification

About the supply chain

  • Barge transport between Le Havre and Gennevilliers
  • Using combined rail-road transport

About our administration

  • Headquarters building in Colombes in respect of HQE norms and green leases
  • Recycling paper in Colombes and Beauvais
  • Paper consumption in the incentive agreement of Colombes
  • Rate of waste plant in the incentive agreement of Beauvais plant

About our range of eco-responsible products

All cellulose sponges are 100% biodegradable and made with natural materials.

Spontex Professionnel products which are concerned: Azella 40, 60 , 65, 82, 86, 90

The scouring sponges: products that last a long time! The cellulosic portion of these sponges are 100% biodegradable.

Spontex Professionnel products which are concerned : Sponrex 52 , 33 , 92, Superinox 27, 50