Astree 54

Ref 95020054

Rectangular scouring sponge with polyurethane and 100% recycled fibers

Safeguard your scouring with the Astree 54 scouring sponge. Composed of an abrasive pad made of 100% recycled fibers laminated on a polyurethane sponge, it is perfect all types of professional cleaning tasks. Very abrasive, durable and resistant, it removes all stains from a variety of surfaces and items.

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Qualitative Qualitative

  • Standard scouring Taber abrasivity : K500 > 150 mg / 1000 tours

Resistant Resistant

  • Routine scouring of hard surfaces

Easy-to-use Easy-to-use

  • Bifunctional product (time saving): cleans and degreases


Pigment, Polyurethane foam

Recycled synthetic fibres, Abrasive fillers, Latex, Adhesive, Pigment

Dimensions (mm)

140 x 90 x 34


Blond, Green


10 pieces/bag
6 bags/carton
60 pieces/carton

Chemical compatibility

- Phosphates
- Phosphonates
- Anionic surfactants
- Cationic surfactants
- Amphoteric surfactants
- Non-ionic surfactants
- Oxygenated bleaching agents
- Aromatic hydrocarbons
- Aliphatic hydrocarbons
- Hydrocarbures halogénés
- Resistant to bleach at a concentration of 1g/l and a temperature of 20°C.
- Alcohols
- Soap
- Resistant to highly diluted acids.
- Resistant to bases at ambient temperature.



Health care

Transportation & leasure

Offices & institutions

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