Mercury 76

Ref 95010076

Pad for scouring on delicate surfaces manufactured using 100% recycled fibres.

Clean efficiently with the Mercury 76 designed for delicate surfaces and equipment. Made from recycled synthetic fibers, it cleans without scratching. Strong and durable, effective on variety of surfaces and equipment includiung enamel, steel, stainless steel, plexiglass, porcelain and glass surfaces, non-stick pans, etc.

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Qualitative Qualitative

  • Light scouring : Abrasivity Taber K200 < 30 mg/1000 tours

  • Soft scouring for delicate surfaces

  • Appropriate for delicate surfaces

  • Rot-proof if use properly

Resistant Resistant

  • Tensile strength > 3 daN/cm²


Recycled synthetic fibres, Pigment, Latex

Dimensions (mm)

230 x 150 x 7,5




10 pieces/bag
8 bags/carton
80 pieces/carton

Instructions for use

Rinse before using for the first time

Rinse and wring after use

Use wet for an optimal efficiency

Use liquidproof gloves while working in contact with water or chemicals

Chemical compatibility

- Resistant to bleach at a concentration of 1g/l and a temperature of 20°C.



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