Who we are

Created in France
over 90 years ago!

The Spontex story begins with the development of the first industrial plant-based cellulose sponge. We did say the very first one!  A mixture of cotton, wood pulp and flax, it quickly became an essential. 

Known and used throughout the world, it is still proudly included in the range of sponges available today to private individuals and professionals alike. 

Historically, the name "Spontex" first introduced the sponge production line, before becoming a quality brand recognised in the world of cleaning both in locally and internationally.

is a contraction of the words
« sponge »
 and textile.

The history of Spontex in a few dates:


Creation of the pilot
 workshop in Beauvais 


Launch of industrial-scale
 production of plant-based
 cellulose sponges  


Creation of the Spontex Professionel department, with the purpose of meeting surface cleanliness requirements in professional environments


Development of the brand internationally, mainly in Europe and the Middle East


With a view to developing internationally, Spontex Professionel becomes Spontex Professional, building a new, more modern professional brand image and adding the hedgehog, mascot of Spontex, to the Spontex Professional logo allowing the brand to consolidate its reputation


Spontex Professional innovates and launches its first range of specifically eco-responsible cleaning products that meet the quality standards of the professional world. It consists of sponges, scourers and recycled microfiber cloths

Did you know that?

Today the majority of Spontex products are designed in the original factory in the North of France.

Mastery of
cleaning tools

Allied with the Mapa Professional brand, Spontex Professional is a recognised and reputable player in the field of cleanliness and hygiene

Every day, Spontex Professional provides safe and appropriate cleaning solutions for professionals.

Our Research & Development teams work daily to develop tailored, safe and efficient cleaning solutions to meet the needs of customers and the specific requirements of the professional market 



Products for wiping

Non-woven fabrics   

     Floor Cleaning

In addition, our products increase productivity and save storage space, for example, with products that save 90% of storage space. The packaging of the products is tailored to the specific constraints of professionals.
We strive to improve the quality of our products to meet the needs of professionals of all trades.  

An international influence

Spontex Professional has a strong presence in Europe but also internationally, an extensive presence which is a major asset to ensure that customers are fully satisfied and which allows us to have a broader view of cultural differences and thus tailor the development of specific products. 

With five factories in Europe, which we seek to develop and improve on a daily basis, the location and capacity of our industrial sites also contribute to the international influence of Spontex Professional. We produce efficient and ergonomic solutions that address the needs and practices of professionals in different countries in Europe and around the world.  

Commitment to quality and the environment

Spontex factories have various certifications that demonstrate the company's commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) : 


Occupational Health and Safety


The highly effective Spontex Professional products are tough on the job and gentle on the environment.  

Indeed, 100% of our cellulose sponges are made of wood pulp from eco-managed forests and are for the most part compostable. Our scouring products contain 100% recycled plastic fibres.

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Listening to our customers

The Technical Service for Spontex Professional customers has been created to act as a dedicated contact for all technical or legal questions related to our products. It is supported by engineers and teams of specialists, some of whom also work in the Research and Development department.

Identifying user needs requires good technical knowledge. Each work station has its own criteria and must be properly analysed according to real expectations.  This is also the reason why our teams are available on request: stc.mapaspontex@newellco.com

Our specialised and expert sales teams are also at your disposal to advise you in your choices and answer your questions.


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