Planet Plus 55

Ref 95020055

Yellow non-woven gauze with market leading dust retention capacity

Practice excellent dust control on floors with Planet Plus mopping gauzes. Made of non-woven synthetic fiber and impregnated with food grade paraffin oil, for superior dust retention. Suitable for all enviroments, surface types and sizes, hospital grade ideal for healthcare and enviroments where dust control is vital.

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Qualitative Qualitative

  • High wiping efficiency and dust retention.

  • Hygienic and efficient. Disposable after use

Absorbing Absorbing

  • Impregnated with mineral oil for best dust control. Medium and large surfaces

Easy-to-use Easy-to-use

  • Disposable


Polypropylene, Food compatible paraffin oil

Dimensions (mm)

600 x 300

Weight (g/m2)



White, Yellow


50 pieces/bag
10 bags/carton
500 pieces/carton

  • Suitable for use in healthcare environments

Instructions for use

Ready to use

Use liquidproof gloves to get out the gauzes from their bag and to fasten them on the broom

Use one gauze per room : avoids cross contamination

Easy fastening on flat broom up to 60 cm long

Do not use with water or chemicals

Dispose of the product after use

Health care

Transportation & leasure

Offices & institutions

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