Sponrex 79

Ref 95020079

Blue scouring sponge for delicate surfaces with 100% recycled fibres.

Scour gently with the Sponrex scouring sponge. Its 100% recycled fiber abrasive cloth is laminated on a cellulose sponge, made of natural ingredients, wood pulp, flax and cotton. Very absorbent with its great absorbancy, it retains all liquids. Durable and strong, it is easy to wring out. Effective cleaning without scratching fragile kitchen surfaces.

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Sustainability Sustainability

  • cellulose is biodegradable and from sustainably managed forests

Qualitative Qualitative

  • Absorption of the sponge part : 20 times its dry weight

  • Light scouring :Taber abrasivity K200 < 30 mg / 1000 tours

  • Gentle scouring of delicate surfaces

Absorbing Absorbing

  • Excellent absorption capacity

Easy-to-use Easy-to-use

  • Dual function product (time saving) : cleaning and scouring


Pigment, Plasticiser, Water, Cellulose

Recycled synthetic fibres, Latex, Adhesive, Pigment

Dimensions (mm)

130 x 84 x 28


Blue, White


10 pieces/bag
6 bags/carton
60 pieces/carton

Instructions for use

Rinse before using for the first time

Rinse and wring after use

Use liquidproof gloves while working in contact with water or chemicals

Washable up to 60°C with standard detergent



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