Superinox Pad

Ref 95030091

Durable superinox pad with efficient scouring power

An ultra efficient and hygienic alternative to metal scouring balls. Soft sponge pad, covered with a woven pad integrated with stainless steel strands for scouring efficiency. It scours and removes the worst stains from surfaces and equipment. It is easy to handle and pleasant to the touch. It can be washed after use at 60 degrees to ensure it remains hygienic and prolong the service life.

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Qualitative Qualitative

  • Standard efficiency scouring abrasivity branca: 190mg/1000 tours

  • Hygienic do not release particules

  • Stainless steel

  • don t rust

Resistant Resistant

  • Long duration of use

Easy-to-use Easy-to-use

  • Easy to handle

  • Easy to wash and rinse

  • Can be hanged with a hook


Polyester, Stainless steel, Polyurethane foam

Dimensions (mm)

135 x 90 x 18




5 pieces/bag
12 bags/carton
60 pieces/carton

  • Do not rust and do not release particules under normal conditions of use

  • The superinox pad can be used for cleaning surfaces and equipment in all types of food environments under normal conditions of use

Instructions for use

Rinse before using for the first time

Use liquidproof gloves while working in contact with water and chemicals and detergents

Rinse before and after each use

Can damage delicate surfaces and equipment

Proceed to test on a hidden surface prior to its use


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