Azella 82

Ref 95030082

Small yellow cellulose sponge certified for food contact.

Use the small Azella cellulose sponge for its daily effectiveness. Made of natural ingredients, wood pulp, flax and cotton, it absorbs and retains all liquids. Usable on all surfaces and very absorbent, strong and durable, it is very easy to wring out.

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Sustainability Sustainability

  • 100% biodegradable

  • The sponge is compostable in household compost, it should not be thrown into nature

  • The sponge is home compostable after rinsing. Do not throw in nature.

Qualitative Qualitative

  • Impregnated with a softening agent for storage damp

Absorbing Absorbing

  • 20 time its dry weight

Resistant Resistant

  • Tensile strength >0,8 daN/cm²


Pigment, Plasticiser, Water, Cellulose




10 pieces/bag
18 bags/carton
180 pieces/carton

  • Wet cellulose sponge

Instructions for use

Rinse before and after each use



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