Superinox 27

Ref 95030027

40gsm stainless steel ball, very strong for difficult scouring

Our 40gsm Superinox ball is easily malleable by hand for hard to reach areas and items which are difficult to clean. Made of twisted wire coiled in a spiral and 100% stainless steel. Perfect on Stainless steel, oven racks, steel pots and pans, it is suitable for all non delicate surfaces and equipment, shapes easily and will not rust.

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Qualitative Qualitative

  • Heavy duty scouring

  • 100 % inoxydable : will not rust

Resistant Resistant

  • Ideal for use on difficult scouring jobs (dishes and hard surfaces)

  • Very hard wearing

Easy-to-use Easy-to-use

  • Very easy to handle and rinse. Cleans in even the most inaccessible corners


Stainless steel

Weight (g)





10 pieces/bag
6 bags/carton
60 pieces/carton

Instructions for use

Rinse before using for the first time

Use wet for an optimal efficiency

Use liquidproof gloves while working in contact with water or chemicals

Always rinse well after use ensuring the wires are separated

Not recommended for delicate surfaces


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