Our expertise

In 1987, Spontex, a well known and recognised retail brand, created Spontex Professional to meet the specific needs of professional cleaning applications. Today, the company offers products tailored to all sectors within the cleaning industry - food, services, facilities and industrial.

To achieve this, the company strives for more efficient and productive ways to clean professional environments whilst ensuring safety.  Spontex Professional provides millions of employees in the cleaning industry with highly effective, efficient and productive solutions to their cleaning needs.


We are proud of our heritage as the inventor of the cellulose sponge, a natural alternative to other materials, delivering benefits of absorption and working durability.  Today Spontex Professional continues to innovate, developing and manufacture new products for variety of cleaning requirements. Our expertise includes the manufacture of wiping products, abrasives and non-woven textiles.

Research &

With our Research & Development team, we are committed to offering safe products tailored to the needs of various environments and specific cleaning requirements.

Products adapted
to each situation

For example, the health care and catering sectors are provided with cleaning tools that eliminate 99% of bacteria as well as being certified for food contact.  

To meet the daily needs of our customers, Spontex Professional offers a range of products in colour codes, so that each colour can be assigned to a specific area and cross-contamination can be controlled. 

To ensure optimal efficiency, cleaning products are tailored for specific applications, the range provides a variety of sizes and shapes to fit the required purpose.
Our range has options which are ergonomic, small or large, from delicate to tough cleaning requirements there is always a solution.

Cellulose sponges, best-sellers that go from strength to strength

Spontex manufactures more than one million cellulose sponges in France each year, our know-how is a sign of the consistent quality of the products.
In keeping with our commitment to innovation, Spontex Professional creates products that meet the new needs of professional users.  This means the new ranges of sponges respond to growing cleaning and janitorial requirements allowing for the increased use of bleach and detergents.  The Azella line of sponges features an exclusive Spontex treatment for increased bleach resistance.  In addition, Azella sponges are of vegetable origin, 100% compostable* (home compost) and certified for food contact. The combination of ecology and performance is part of the DNA of Spontex Professional, which is as concerned with efficiency as it is with the environment.

Abrasive products, the heroes of scouring

Made in Spain, Spontex Professional's Mercury range of non-woven abrasives, offer professionals the right solutions for different types of scouring. They attack stains on stainless steel, glass, wood, porcelain, marble, composite materials, etc.

There is a Spontex abrasive available for every situation, to remove dirt and marks without damaging the surface. They combine pliability, performance and durability to allow for efficient cleaning.

The quality of Spontex Professional is based on the  selection of fibres and abrasive fillers as well as on the composition of the cloth. All stages of manufacturing are carefully controlled to ensure they go above and beyond, to meet the already high quality standards set.

Sponge cloths,
the star performers when it comes to absorption

Spontex Professional sponge cloths are made in Spain.

Designed for professional multi-surface cleaning, they undergo stringent quality controls. Made of wood pulp and reinforced with a textile weave, their rigorous manufacturing process guarantees their capabilities.

Highly absorbent, strong and they are able to wipe and clean effectively whilst being strong and easy to wring out quickly.

Available in different colours and sizes, they are able to manover into all spaces to tackle small and large surfaces this ensures efficient and practical wiping.

As with its own products, Spontex Professional demands the same quality when offering products from other brands to its customers. The Research & Development team works with Spontex Professional's partners to ensure the properties of the products distributed.

The exclusive tests carried out by Spontex reproduce the professional conditions to match the exact use of the product.  These tests, which exceed the required standards, guarantee the quality of the products sold by Spontex Professional, whether or not they are manufactured in-house.

Outsourced products,
the Spontex Professional guarantee